Summer Camp

Camp LaNoChe June 2015

The Adventure Continues…



The Poseidon’s Odyssey crew went deep sea fishing



Is that dinner or bait?


Then they went to Blue Springs


Finally they went water skiing


They enjoyed a full week of being on the water.



Meanwhile back at camp, the rest of the troop worked on Merit Badges



Although some knew that camp was coming to an end


We also enjoyed some troop time activities


Just keep swimming

Synchronized Water Ninjas


Just got the news that summer camp is almost over


One way to get to the head of the chow line is to say the prayer


Service opportunities abound, here we are serving dinner to camp



Some families visited us on Thursday



Wow, flag retreat that night was well done!


She’s proud of her scouts!


OA Social



And we went to Pow-Wow



You had to be there to understand this one


Zach’s Grandma is the BEST! Cookies, Brownies and Banana Cake (we saved that for Saturday’s lunch)



Closing (fireless) campfire, afterall it’s darn hot at camp


A star is born, it’s amazing what a Theatre MB can teach you


When you are Florida’s Finest you have to show it


And be recognized as the Best of Camp

In all honesty it was a joint effort with our fellow scouts in Troop 222 that we shared campsite 17 with. We were recognized as Co-winners. The only two perfect scores in camp! We are coming to be great friends after spending two summers with them. We are looking forward to seeing them next year.


Saturday dawns, wonder how this happened


Finally it really is time to pack up and go


A quick stop on the way back

The winning discharge in the annual Cherry Pit Spittin’ Contest


Mom, I think I lost my belt at camp


See you at Court of Honor when you can see even more pictures