High Adventure

North Carolina July - Aug 2014



This taking a before picture seems to be really hard to do.


The campground appears to be the same as before except there is a tree that looks like it needs to come down. Service Project Time!

Various techniques were tried…

Some at the same time

Including staring it down.

I think the tree is going to win.


Then the hatchet came out.


Time for bowling

What is the attraction of sleeping on a picnic table?


Sunday and the trip continues. Lunch at Talulah Gorge

And we reach the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC)


Monday. Rafting and Mountain Biking

Ummmmm, Pedaling not walking? Like this:

It’s nice to be the one picking the pictures!

Keep it on the trail, please.


Off the bike trail, out of the raft, is there a pattern here?



Tuesday, Train was full, darn, guess we will try the Fun Factory, what a bummer.

Car troubles? Pit crew to the rescue.

Shooting sports


Weds Train to Dillsboro

Scenes from “The Fugitive”

The tunnel is dark but the flash works. So this is what they look like in the dark.

I think there’s a bug on the seat. (It is nice being the one writing the captions)

Dinner and it’s off to “Unto These Hills”


Thursday, Zip-line, Ropes and Tubing

Zach, not another accident


Happy Birthday, Hoss!

End the day with Cherokee stories

MMMMMMMMM, marshmallows


Friday, Hike the Appalachian Trail


Saturday and Sunday, drive back, tired of taking pictures, or just plain tired.


A few pictures of camp